Sunday, 15 January 2012

Save Windows XP updates easily

Just follow the following steps to save Windows XP updates:
Go to the Windows Update web site.
1) In the left pane, under Other Options, select “Personalize Windows Update”.
   Under “Set Options for Windows Update”, select the check box for “Display the Link
   to Windows Update Catalog under ‘See Also’”, then click “Save Settings”.
2) Go back to the Windows Update web site.
3) In the left pane, under “See Also”, select “Windows Update Catalog”.
4) Select “Find Updates for Microsoft Operating Systems”.
5) Select the operating system and language of your choice.
6) Select “Critical Updates and Service Packs”.
7) Select all of the patches you’d like to download, then click on “Go to download
   basket” to download them.
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